Little Pim

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  • LIttle Pim Chinese “wake up smiling” (DVD 2)
    In this Chinese (Mandarin) DVD for preschoolers, toddlers, and babies, see Little Pim and kids waking up, brushing up, dressing up, and find out what they are all smiling about! All about the joys of waking up to a new day and going to sleep at the end of a busy day, DVD 2 introduces 60 Chinese words associated with morning and evening routines.
  • LIttle Pim Chinese “happy, sad and silly” (DVD 5)
    In this Chinese DVD for young kids, join Little Pim and his friends on a journey of emotions. Kids will learn about emotions and feelings - from happiness and love, to sad faces, mad faces, and everything in between. DVD 5 features two new characters, Lola the Elephant and Bob the Bobcat, and introduces 60 Chinese (Mandarin) words and phrases kids can use to describe how they are feeling as they giggle along with Little Pim.
  • LIttle Pim Chinese Gift Set (Vol. II)
    Together, the three DVDs will introduce your kids to 180 Chinese (Mandarin) words and phrases. Using Little Pim’s unique Language Immersion Method, Little Pim will captivate your child by turning everyday activities into fun adventures. The DVDs combine animation and real kids, teaching simple words and phrases for everyday activities.